Charity in Ribble Lodge


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Charity and kindness have always been amongst the core principles of Freemasonry and here in Ribble Lodge, we fervently support those principles all we can.

Locally and nationally and even globally, Freemasons give their time and money to help others.

Every year, millions of pounds are collected by Freemasons which is donated to local and national charities as well as donating to international disaster appeals.

We may assist by helping realise the educational aspirations of a member’s child, caring for older and infirm Freemasons and their Wives or partners In Masonic care homes or providing grants to those Freemasons families who find themselves in hard times, perhaps due to illness or the loss of a job.

Today, Freemasonry is one of the UK’s top charities raising over £33 million a year and one of its main grant-giving bodies.

For more details of the main Masonic Charities, please see the links page.

If you have any questions concerning Masonic giving in general or specifically about Charity in Ribble Lodge, please contact Simon Wright at the following email address