Historical Events & Occasions

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Early 2014 saw another change for a Ribble Lodge, it was decided that we would move back to our original home at Preston Masonic Hall. Saying goodbye to Wellington Park, the reigns of the Masters chair were entrusted to the capable hands of Bro. David Asbridge who himself is the son of a Mason. David, once again is a retired Police Inspector who since his retirement has embraced Freemasonry in a big way. The backing of his Wife Jaine proved fruitful as we enjoyed another great Ladies Evening although for this one we were back at Ashlar House Preston.

In 2013, having been responsible for the provincial halls appeal, David Winder was promoted to the rank of Assistant Provincial Grand Master with responsibilities for th Preston and South Fylde Groups and was given the cabinet responsibility for charity. He is the Vice President of the Province of West Lancashire Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021 Festival.

2013 also brought Bro John B. Whitehead to the Chair of King Solomon. John, who is a retired police officer, brought an understanding but firm grip to the business of the lodge. Along with his wife Jean, a Ladies night of some repute was thrown, the theme being a Scottish Ceilidh. During his year, Bro. John presided over the celebrations of two Brothers who attained 50 years in Freemasonry, W.Bro Cyril Hunt and W.Bro. Peter Aikman

Worshipful Master wise, 2012 was the year of Bro. John Rimmer who presided over all of the progressive offices of the lodge being filled with Brothers who had yet to go through the chair, a feat that hadn't been seen for a good few years. Bro John and his good lady Judith, threw a fantastic traditional masonic ladies night this year at Wellington Park with over 85 guests in attendance.

Events in 2012 began with deserved recognition of the works of W.Bro. David Winder within the craft as he was promoted to the Grand Rank of Past Assistant Director of Ceremonies. This reflected well on Ribble Lodge as it was the first time since W.Bro. E.W. Wells installed in 1946 had been promoted to Grand Rank.

In 2011, the Lodge installed Bro. Mike Cowsley into the Chair of King Solomon being the first of a line of three light blue brothers lined up to relieve him. Mike ended the year with a "bit of a do" at the Dog and Partridge in Chipping where over 50 members, partners and guests were in attendance and even a famous magician.

2010 saw a momentous change for Ribble Lodge with a move to a new home at Wellington Park in Leyland, whilst staying in and still remaining commited to the Preston Group.

2009 saw W.Bro. Lyndon Davies P.Pr.G.Supt.Wks.  celebrate his 50th year in Masonry.

W. Bro. Winder brought more prestige to the Lodge when in 2008 he was appointed Provincial Junior Grand Warden. This appointment has triggered a visit by the Provincial Grand Master to the Lodge in March 2009 as a recognition of the work that  Bro. Winder has undertaken.

2006 saw W.Bro. Viv. Thomas celebrate his 60th, the ceremony being conducted by W.Bro. Bill Seddon  A.Pr.G.M. who promoted Viv. on the evening to P.Pr.J.G.W. This year also  saw W.Bro. D.J. Winder appointed to the office of Group Secretary.

It was in the latter half of 2004 that the Ribble Lodge web site finally went live on the internet, for the world to see, and we are still one of only a few lodges that have their own independent web site.

In July 2004, Ribble Lodge  enjoys a healthy membership with an age profile from 30's to almost 90 years of age. It continued to attract new initiates and can look forward with confidence to upholding the best tradition of Freemasonry and in  particular of continuing to play a leading role in the ongoing story of  Craft Masonry in the city of Preston.

In May 2004 the Lodge was delighted to accept, as a joining member, W.Bro. Peter Jan Hadfield, who has recently attained Grand Rank and has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Preston Group of Lodges and Chapters.

In November of 2003 the Bretheren  of Ribble Lodge decided that it was time to move into the Internet age, and the original domain name of RibbleLodge.Org was registered on the world wide web.

In 2003, the Lodge was privileged to enjoy the 50th celebration of W.Bro. Harold Stewart. Harold, at the tender age of almost 90 years, still delivered the Second Degree Tracing Board with great expertise.

In 1996 the Lodge enjoyed the 50th celebration of Vivian Thomas, indeed special music was composed by our then longstanding organist. W.Bro. Tom Holland.

1988 was indeed a year for the Lodge to remember with W.Brothers G.F. Hind, H. Welsh and R. Butcher all attaining 50 years. The Lodge remembers that Richard or "Dickie" as he was affectionately known, had, at that age of 79 years, raised his son Richard and had also delivered the Traditional History in usual immaculate fashion.

In 1986 W.Bro R.L (Leslie) Aikman celebrated his 50 years as a member of Ribble Lodge, a ceremony directed by his son, Peter. Leslie, still very active at that time, had delivered a full first degree ceremony at the age of 82 years.

January 1974, was a notable landmark for the Lodge when a large gathering of members and their guests celebrated our 50th anniversary, followed by a further celebration on the 16th of May 1979, when the 500th meeting of the lodge took place.